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When should I start my wedding gift list?

The venue, photographer and transport are booked with the date you wanted, only problem is, it’s a year away!! With very little to organise so early on – it’s too early for dress fittings, flowers or sending invitations, it’s a perfect time to consider your wedding gift list.

However you decide to produce your wedding gift list, it is a time consuming task, but as with all things, you reap what you sew. By starting to put your wedding gift list together early, whether it’s a simple hand-written list on the fridge or an on-line wedding gift list, you can add things as you think of them. You can always delete things, should you change your mind. By compiling it online and updating the list as you go along, the list should be complete by the time you are ready to send out the invitations.

There is not a stated time scale to how soon you should do your wedding gift list. If you are asking for particular models, then check with the retailer how long it will be available. (Is this the latest model or is it likely to be replaced in the coming months). You do not want to make life difficult for wedding guests trying to purchase you something that no longer exists. A quick check with the retailer before you send out the invitations, if you have time, should prevent this.

As the wedding approaches, there is so much to remember and do that you don’t want to add pressure on yourself by having to start compiling a wedding gift list too close to the wedding date. So there’s no time like the present

The benefit of e-weddinglist.co.uk is that once you have registered, you can start adding gift ideas immediately, there is no time limit to how long the list is live on the web. Also by compiling it week by week, it should not be such a chore. Combine regular shopping trips or lunch time browsing, with ‘wedding gift’ research missions, should make the whole experience pleasurable and fun!

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