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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

What to include on your wedding gift list.

Whether you already have a house set up or if you are starting from scratch, your wedding list should be compiled to reflect you and your lifestyle. Don’t include a teapot on your wedding gift list, if you only drink coffee!

As we have discussed before, sometimes it is easier to mentally go through the house, into the garden and not forgetting the garage, to help you list items that you want or need (there is a difference!!).

Give yourself time to window shop to see what products are on the market. You have a wonderful opportunity to collect things for your new home, so dont miss it! If you are short of time to list each item individually or simply cannot think what you really need, why not describe to your guests what you are planning to do and let them choose something within that theme.

It is an opportunity to get those items that you cannot usually afford, or are reluctant to buy. I know I always feel deprived if I have had to buy a new iron or hoover – all that money spent and you can hardly parade them around the pub! Nevertheless, they are home essentials, so why not include them on your wedding gift list, rather than the teapot?

Consider your lifestyle and what items may be useful to you. Some tips below may be of use to you….
Security - do you work away from home or travel alot at weekends? Have you considered increasing or updating security in your home. Whether its a full security system for the house, a safe or simply timers for your table lamps.

Travel –
whether you travel for business or pleasure, if its a regular occurance, why not list items that could make life a little more comfortable for you. Perhaps a webcam for your laptop, so you can keep in touch.

Long working hours –
a complaint we all suffer from. Do you get home from work, tired and hungry but its too late to start cooking? So you reach for the takeaway menu or the cereal bowl….
It may involve a little organisation on your behalf, but a slow cooker is a fantastic invention. They are not just for casseroles! Chuck a few ingredients in and turn it on, and over the course of the day, it evolves into your evening meal. Whats more its home cooked and no hidden fats, sugars, so its good for you! Become a domestic god or goddess without really trying…

Home essentials – whether its a kettle or a lawn mower, it will save you buying them later!

Give your guests an idea theme - perhaps your garden is a blank canvas, give your guests a free reign to choose wedding gifts to furnish and plant it.

Beware when listing not to get too carried away with gadgets – juicers and smoothie makers are fantastic if you have the time to go and buy the ingredients in the first place.
You can never judge how much your guests are willing to spend or your wedding gift, and as I have said before, you should include items on your list to suit all pockets.
Again give yourself plenty of time to put your wedding gift list together and enjoy the window shopping.

Make your list long and varied


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