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Include maps and wedding information on your wedding list

The team are always reviewing ideas and ways we can improve the e-weddinglist to make it more useable to you. One idea that we came up with was using the welcome page on e-wedding gift list, to include useful information about your forthcoming wedding.

Perhaps the church where you are getting married is not local to the reception venue. It is also useful to wedding guests who are not familiar with the area. You may have chosen a wedding venue that it unique but rather difficult to find. By putting the contact details and a link to google maps on the page, it will help ensure that your guests arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Our aim at e-weddinglist is for our online wedding list to work for you, not for you to have to work around it. That’s why we do not sell the gifts you feature on your wedding gift list, you use the list to detail what you would like and then your guests can shop around for the best deal.

Happy planning and watch out for more blogs – don’t forget, if you have an idea that has really worked well for you or have come across a particular good deal or bargain, please post it to our blog page.


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