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A traditional wedding gift list

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

An umbrella service for many different types of wedding gift list

If your wedding gift list is diverse and includes a bit of everything, consider looking for an independent online wedding gift list service. The facility allows couples to simply list the items they wish to receive for their wedding gifts. If you want flexibility, not be linked to one particular store or limited to the products supplied by some gift list companies, have a look at e-weddinglist.co.uk. It means you can mix actual gifts with donations towards large projects, or even your chosen charity. Guests purchase their own gifts so also have the flexibility to shop around for the best deal. This reflects the traditional wedding gift list, where guests choose what they would like to buy for the happy couple, but making use of today’s technology, by being online.

Something old, something new…

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Our main aim at e-weddinglist is to offer advice to ‘soon to be weds’ on useful tips and guidance when putting their wedding gift list together. There are so many different things to consider (so much more when you consider it as often as we do!!).

When putting your wedding gift list together, if you are adding large and no doubt usually expensive items of furniture, can we recommend an alternative way?…..

Something new…

  • List the item so that wedding guests could club together to purchase it.
  • Ask for vouchers for the particular store.
  • If you have linked to a department store wedding list, donations could be made by guests towards a particular item. (Don’t forget, if you choose to use e-weddinglist.co.uk, you can link to a department store wedding list also).

Something old…

Have you considered second hand items? No… please…. read on….
buying wedding presents from auction

What are you looking to add to your wedding gift list, or what do you need for your new home? Is there an item that you would like, but haven’t added to your list as you feel it too cheeky?

If you are hoping to fill your home with a particular range of furniture, a cheaper way of doing this is to look at the second hand market. A good quality dining room table will last a life time, so whats wrong with a pre-owned two year old model? We buy second hand cars…. There are some bargains to be had, some things may take a little longer to come by, but it could save you a fortune, (another reason why we recommend you start listing sooner rather than later).

The two places that spring to mind are ebay or your local auction house. Ebay has the benefit of it being national (or global if you have the facilities to collect, or the carriage still warrants the purchase).

Alternatively, pop to your local auctioneers. They are not just for dealers, general public can attend also. You would have to check with the individual auction house, but they usually hold seperate sales for general items (modern pieces) or antique sales. You would have to speak to the individual auctioneers as to how they define modern and old, when deciding which auction you need to attend. Cuttlestones are one example of a local auction house. Auction staff are able to advise you which sales you need to look out for depending on the type of furniture or items you are after. Don’t forget, that with all auctions, all items are subject to VAT and buyers premium.

An example of just how you could save is the John Lewis Maharani lamp table costs £96 (price taken 20 January 2009) , recently bought second hand for a fraction of that price!!

As always if you have any ideas that you would like to share, please post them to our blog site.