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Include maps and wedding information on your wedding list

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The team are always reviewing ideas and ways we can improve the e-weddinglist to make it more useable to you. One idea that we came up with was using the welcome page on e-wedding gift list, to include useful information about your forthcoming wedding.

Perhaps the church where you are getting married is not local to the reception venue. It is also useful to wedding guests who are not familiar with the area. You may have chosen a wedding venue that it unique but rather difficult to find. By putting the contact details and a link to google maps on the page, it will help ensure that your guests arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

Our aim at e-weddinglist is for our online wedding list to work for you, not for you to have to work around it. That’s why we do not sell the gifts you feature on your wedding gift list, you use the list to detail what you would like and then your guests can shop around for the best deal.

Happy planning and watch out for more blogs – don’t forget, if you have an idea that has really worked well for you or have come across a particular good deal or bargain, please post it to our blog page.


How to write your perfect wedding gift list

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs aimed at helping you to build your perfect wedding gift list. The aim is simple: to keep your guests happy and ensure that you get as many of the fabulous items on your wedding list as possible. So, without further ado…

Top tip # 1: Don’t forget your audience!
When compiling your wedding gift list it’s not just yourself you need to think about – it’s essential to consider your wedding guests. Ensure that you include something to suit all budgets, so everyone feels they’re able to contribute a gift they know you’ll love.

To help you get your wedding list pitch perfect, we’ve come up with the following top tips:

Think diversity
What one wedding guest may think is a great gift – like a contribution your Honeymoon – may not be for others, who’d rather buy something more traditional. Including something from each of the following sections will give guests plenty of choice:

  • Household gifts
  • Gifts for the garden
  • Something quirky that reflects your personalities – tandem bungee jump for the happy couple, anyone?
  • Contribution to the Honeymoon – they’ll feel they’re helping you make memories to share forever
  • Cash toward a project – from a new driveway to a new bathroom, it’s your choice
  • Vouchers – useful if you’ve got your eye on an particularly expensive item & easy for guests
  • Make their life easy…
    Your guests refer to your wedding gift list to ensure they buy something that you really want, so it’s only fair you make the whole process as quick and easy as possible for them. Make sure you:

    Provide a useful title
    E-weddinglist sorts gifts alphabetically. Categorise presents and add sub-titles to make your wedding list neat and easy for guests to scan, for example:
    ‘Bathroom – hand towels’
    ‘Dining – champagne flutes’
    ‘Garden – a wheel barrow’
    ‘Kitchen – kenwood mixer’

    Provide an estimated value
    Essential as many guests will want to search according to the amount they wish to spend.

    Sell the gift to your guests
    At e-weddinglist you have the freedom to wax lyrical about all the lovely items you include. Provide a good physical description of each gift but also to say why you want it – this will engage your guests and make them feel they’re making a real contribution.

    Point them in the right direction
    Your guest list will probably include a cross section of ages, so it’s important to consider all shopping methods. Some will be IT savvy and search for the best deals online, while others may want to trawl the shops themselves, so provide a comprehensive list of outlets where you know the gift is stocked.

    Because you (and your guests) are worth it…
    It may take a little more time, but follow these simple steps and your guests will feel they’ve been given real choice, alongside the satisfaction of wrapping the gift personally and presenting it to you on your big day – something few wedding gift list services offer.

    You, meanwhile, get a fabulous variety of gifts and the satisfaction that happy guests mean an even happier wedding day.

    Happy listing!
    Penny x