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Holiday vouchers on your wedding gift list.

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

It is coming more common for bride and grooms to include holiday vouchers on their wedding gift list. Whilst it is something that the couple would dearly love to receive, they still feel uneasy about asking for this or knowing how to ask. With the cost of weddings going into thousands of pounds, and many couples having already set up home together, it is now not an unreasonable request for vouchers towards a honeymoon.

The reality is that weddings are not cheap, so by the time you have paid for all the elements of that, there is rarely enough spare cash for a weekend away let alone to pay for a ‘dream honeymoon’.

How to ask… This seems to be the most faq by couples e-wedding have found. Firstly do not feel you are being cheeky asking for holiday vouchers on your wedding gift list. The key is you need to do is explain to your guests why you are asking for vouchers. There are lots of ways you can phrase your request, perhaps a short poem, or simply a short explanation (if you are not a poet).

Tell you guests where you hope to travel to and why… It may simply be that you have both worked solidly for the last 12 months (or longer!!) to pay for your special day, so just need a holiday to recharge your batteries and reflect on your day. It may be a somewhere that you have dreamed of visiting. Whatever the reason is, share it with your guests on your wedding gift list. From a guests’ point of view, they usually feel that they want to be able to present the happy couple with a wedding gift, so by using one of the many holiday companies who offer holiday vouchers, they could still present it gift wrapped.

It also opens up a wide range of small personal wedding gift ideas, personalised passport covers, sun tan cream, travel accessories for an overland safari or specialist accessories for a far flung destination perhaps.

All you will need to do is decide which company you would like to travel with!

E-wedding list offer the flexibility for you to list holiday vouchers alongside traditional wedding gift list ideas. Some companies do have a minimum voucher cost, which would be worth considering before listing. Examples of sites are www.thomson.co.uk or www.thomascook.com.

Both companies are not only a tour operator, but also a travel agent. Their website gives details of local travel shops where the vouchers can be purchased from. Again ensure that you check how much notice is required incase the vouchers have to be ordered in. Both companies offer a variety of options to purchase the vouchers, either by phone, in person or on-line. Alternatively there are various voucher websites, who feature travel companies.

So decide where you hope to visit, and which company you would like to travel with and get listing..

Good luck!