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Link to Department Store Lists within your e-weddinglist

Friday, December 26th, 2008

There are many wedding gift lists on offer, and many wedding forums have questions from bride and grooms to be asking which is the best to use. As you are aware many of the lists offered by department stores are free (so the items listed are purchased from them) . This is a good idea if you tend to shop at one store, but limits the customer buying power and ability to shop around for the best deal.

It may be that you decide that you would like your kitchenware from a John Lewis gift list, gift vouchers for B&Q and a long list of general gift items that can be purchased from any high street retailer.. all of these can be included on one gift list with the e-weddinglist.

This is where www.e-weddinglist.co.uk list comes into its own. You can have one wedding gift list, to circulate to your wedding guests, but can have a link to multiple store wedding lists, such as your department store wedding list! You can take advantage of any incentive the department store is offering to use their list, but have the flexibility to feature other stores or items that can be purchased anywhere too! The best of both worlds!

Using the gift list example above, I would suggest you list kitchenware as an item on your e-wedding list, with a note informing your guests that there is a department store gift list in your name, then provide a link to guide your guests to your store wedding list link. They can then view the list and make their purchase. It need not stop there – e-wedding is so versatile you could use any number of department store wedding lists and bring them together on one wedding gift list.

The secret is don’t fence yourself in. By keeping your list flexible, it benefits your guests by giving them greater buying power (they may live close to a factory shop) and benefits you as the recipient!

Happy listing!
Libby x

A Wedding Gift List for your Garden!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Have you and your partner (h2b or w2b) lived together for a number of years? Have you furnished your house with lovely items that you don’t want to or need to replace? Are you getting lots of requests for gift ideas from your guests? Have a look out of the window…..


Is your garden a haven that you escape to at any given opportunity or is it a place that makes your heart sink every time you look out of the window?


I used to look out of the bedroom window at my neighbours gardens, beautifully kept, a pleasure to just sit and look at, then I would look at ours, willing the snow to come to make our garden the same as everyone else’s. It was then that we decided that a little time, effort and cash would stop me staring into other people’s property, as no matter how hard I wished, we would not get snow in July.


Why not have garden items on your wedding gift list! There are so many different ideas that guests can contribute towards or buy for you and what a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and your guests!


Firstly, it would be helpful to give your guests an idea of what you have in mind with the garden on your wedding gift list. Perhaps you want a patio area. Consider which areas of your garden are shaded and where the morning sun/afternoon sun catches. This is useful for guests when they are choosing plants and where to place them in the garden.


Landscaping – if you are not hands on or simply do not have the time, there are many garden landscaping companies around. Your garden wedding gift list could feature your plan or intention and guests could donate towards the cost. To be safe, you would probably be best asking for cash donations on your wedding gift list for you to use once you have appointed a landscaper.


Trees and plants – your wedding gift list could be a vague or defined as you wish – is there a particular plant or tree that you like, or let your guests choose. It is a lovely way to remember each guest, when each year the plant flowers again.


Garden Ornaments/furniture – once your garden is complete you will want to sit and enjoy it, guests could contribute to a patio table and chairs for al fresco dining or how about a statue or a water feature, or an outdoor heater so you can still enjoy the garden on cooler evenings.


Garden gift vouchers are an excellent flexible wedding gift list solution for couples who have already furnished their homes. Most garden centres offer national garden vouchers as well as their own, so you are not tied to a particular store. Click on the link to find out more. http://www.thevouchergarden.co.uk.


What’s more using e-wedding you can combine gardening gifts with traditional gift ideas, getting the best of both worlds.


Libby x