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DIY wedding gift list

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Perhaps I should explain myself before you navigate off the page – ewedding are an independent wedding gift list company. We offer the facility to list your wedding wish list, without being tied to a particular store. We do not provide the gifts, you simply list your wedding gift list online, adding as much or as little detail you prefer, then your guests are free to shop around to get the best deal on their gift to you. It gives you the flexibility to list anything you choose.

Hence the title of this blog, DIY. Many couples may have already been living together for years and already set up home, therefore it is difficult to know what to ask for. Many couples are quite happy not to ask for gifts, but your guests will want to get you something to wish you well, and would appreciate some pointers. A DIY wedding gift list, could be donations towards a major project within the house. Perhaps the home you have shared needs a new bathroom or kitchen – something that has been put on the back burner, whilst the wedding plans took over. Donations to a DIY fund or gift vouchers for your chosen DIY store could get you underway with a longed for project. It could be something more simple like a makeover for your master bedroom, or donations towards a new fireplace – perhaps you have always longed to have a proper open fire, but never quite had the money to have the chimney made safe for you to do so. It would be a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and guests, when toasting your toes on a cold winters night.

Whatever your project may be, whether an opportunity to finally get some proper tools in the garage, rather than trying to change a plug with a knife, or planning a major project such as a loft conversion, it would easily open up a wedding gift list full of ideas. Perhaps if you planned to extend your home in some way, a good way to introduce it on your wedding list, would be an invitation for friends and family to come and stay once it is done, so they can sample and enjoy what they have helped you achieve.


Multiple Wedding Gift Lists

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

This is a topic we have covered before. Our ethos at e-weddinglist.co.uk is the best list is a flexible list, that works for you, not you working around it.

One of the big decisions couples make, apart from the venue, dress and each other!, is where to register their wedding gift list and with who. Currently, everyone wants your ‘business’, so there are lots of freebies for you to take advantage of.

Multiple wedding gift lists are becoming more popular as couples are able to list on one site all their wedding gift ‘wishes’. By linking to online department store wedding gift lists, it will reduce the time spent creating you wedding gift list too. This not only gives flexibility to you as the happy couple, it also gives your guests choice. Whether to purchase gifts direct from the store and have it sent to you after the wedding, or to purchase it themselves to giftwrap beautifully and proudly display it at the wedding reception! Don’t forget, you also have the option to add requests for cash or voucher contributions too.


Plenty of choice on your Wedding Gift List

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Everyday there is more news about the credit crunch and its effect on us all. The team at e-weddinglist do not wish to dwell on the subject but we keep it in mind when considering ideas and help for preparing your wedding gift list.

Most importantly, there are weddings to be had out there and no matter what’s happening in the world, it is the most important day in your life – our aim is to give help and advice for you to get to that day with the minimum stress!!

A colleague was telling us the other day about their cousin who is getting married later in the year. They have created their wedding gift list and have put everything on including the kitchen sink (literally!!).

Another wedding gift list idea sprang to mind….

Don’t forget to include the small inexpensive items on your list!

It may be a young niece of nephew may want to buy you something, but are restricted by pocket money, an older relative who are restricted by their pension or someone affected by the credit crunch.

Most department stores kitchen utensils ranges are singularly as well as in a set, so you could add each item to your wedding gift list individually, (sometimes better, as there is always a utensil in the set, that you are never going to use!!). Don’t forget to give full detail if there is a particular range you would like to collect, using links where appropriate, or detailing what finish or colour you hope to collect (stainless steel in the kitchen, for example).

So when creating your wedding gift list, remember the small items – loads of fun could be had by someone wrapping up a potato masher!!

Good luck and happy listing!


Link to Department Store Lists within your e-weddinglist

Friday, December 26th, 2008

There are many wedding gift lists on offer, and many wedding forums have questions from bride and grooms to be asking which is the best to use. As you are aware many of the lists offered by department stores are free (so the items listed are purchased from them) . This is a good idea if you tend to shop at one store, but limits the customer buying power and ability to shop around for the best deal.

It may be that you decide that you would like your kitchenware from a John Lewis gift list, gift vouchers for B&Q and a long list of general gift items that can be purchased from any high street retailer.. all of these can be included on one gift list with the e-weddinglist.

This is where www.e-weddinglist.co.uk list comes into its own. You can have one wedding gift list, to circulate to your wedding guests, but can have a link to multiple store wedding lists, such as your department store wedding list! You can take advantage of any incentive the department store is offering to use their list, but have the flexibility to feature other stores or items that can be purchased anywhere too! The best of both worlds!

Using the gift list example above, I would suggest you list kitchenware as an item on your e-wedding list, with a note informing your guests that there is a department store gift list in your name, then provide a link to guide your guests to your store wedding list link. They can then view the list and make their purchase. It need not stop there – e-wedding is so versatile you could use any number of department store wedding lists and bring them together on one wedding gift list.

The secret is don’t fence yourself in. By keeping your list flexible, it benefits your guests by giving them greater buying power (they may live close to a factory shop) and benefits you as the recipient!

Happy listing!
Libby x