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Saving on the carriage

This isn’t a tip on alternative transport options, its yet another money saving wedding gift list idea for you and your guests!

Hopefully your wedding gift list is a varied list of items you need for your new home together as husband and wife. The beauty of e-weddinglist.co.uk is that you are not limiting yourself to one store. Your guests have the flexibility to purchase items from anywhere (we would hope the most cost effective).

We have come across an excellent money saving tip from one of our ‘soon to be marrieds’.

They have listed a number of individual items on their wedding gift list, from a specific mail order store. The carriage costs on individual items, whilst not outrageously expensive, can amount to rather alot if each guest is to purchase the items individually. What they have suggested is that each item is promised on the wedding gift list to avoid duplication, then one large order is placed, reducing the total carriage. This particular couple have been fortunate to have an IT literate member of the family, who has volunteered to collate and administer this.

This is an excellent idea, really making use of the wedding gift list, saving wedding guests money and taking advantage of website bulk purchase offers.

If there any ideas like this that you could share with us, please let us know, we would be happy to publish them.

Hope all is going well with your wedding preparations.


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