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DIY wedding gift list

March 15th, 2010

Perhaps I should explain myself before you navigate off the page – ewedding are an independent wedding gift list company. We offer the facility to list your wedding wish list, without being tied to a particular store. We do not provide the gifts, you simply list your wedding gift list online, adding as much or as little detail you prefer, then your guests are free to shop around to get the best deal on their gift to you. It gives you the flexibility to list anything you choose.

Hence the title of this blog, DIY. Many couples may have already been living together for years and already set up home, therefore it is difficult to know what to ask for. Many couples are quite happy not to ask for gifts, but your guests will want to get you something to wish you well, and would appreciate some pointers. A DIY wedding gift list, could be donations towards a major project within the house. Perhaps the home you have shared needs a new bathroom or kitchen – something that has been put on the back burner, whilst the wedding plans took over. Donations to a DIY fund or gift vouchers for your chosen DIY store could get you underway with a longed for project. It could be something more simple like a makeover for your master bedroom, or donations towards a new fireplace – perhaps you have always longed to have a proper open fire, but never quite had the money to have the chimney made safe for you to do so. It would be a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and guests, when toasting your toes on a cold winters night.

Whatever your project may be, whether an opportunity to finally get some proper tools in the garage, rather than trying to change a plug with a knife, or planning a major project such as a loft conversion, it would easily open up a wedding gift list full of ideas. Perhaps if you planned to extend your home in some way, a good way to introduce it on your wedding list, would be an invitation for friends and family to come and stay once it is done, so they can sample and enjoy what they have helped you achieve.


Wedding Ideas Magazine – gift list advice

March 15th, 2010

Your wedding is one of the most importants days in your life – hopefully something you will only do once, therefore you want to get it right! Once the venue, transport and dress are decided on, you can turn your attention to the other things – flowers, invitations, photographers (video or not??), arghhh!!! It could be a nightmare, but how very exciting planning the most wonderful day.

E-weddinglist believe in providing a listing service to be a tool useful to you, and not something you have to work around. We pride ourselves in that we offer a totally flexible listing service, that is not linked to any particular store, giving you and your guests flexibility to shop from wherever they choose. The list can also be used to post blog updates for your guests, perhaps information for the big day, or add links to store websites who are offering discounts on items on your gift list.

How about adding a link to a weather report, closer to the big day? – OK I know its a lottery with UK weather, but it might just nudge your guest into thinking of popping a brolley in the boot of the car – NOT that it will rain on any of our brides wedding days. Moreso, if it is a continental wedding, it would be really useful to your guests. I remember travelling to Eurodisney, thinking it would be warmer than in the UK, on account of it being further south – WRONG! Something about the atlantic slip stream – anyway, it was freezing! Sometimes its best to think of everything for your guests.

Wedding ideas magazine run regular features on planning your big day, a useful online tool to click onto when you have five minutes. Click the link above and have a look, eweddinglist are featured this month, and feature a discount eweddinglist.

Libby x

Continental Wedding News

March 10th, 2010

I have recently received feedback from a couple who used our wedding gift list last autumn. I want to share it with you, because of the innovitive way they used the internet, email and e-weddinglist. They live in the UK, but they share a love and passion for Italy and following a holiday there a couple of years ago, it inspired them to get married there.

Continental Wedding News

Charlotte and Dave’s extended family stretched from UK and Ireland to as far reaching as Australia. They had a large wedding party share their day in Italy, so coordinating the whole affair was quite an achievement! They used e-invitations for friends and family abroad and linked to e-weddinglist.
They commented on the flexibility of the list, enabling them to list traditional gifts alongside requests for cash donations towards larger projects, but also gift wishes such as a day trip to Capri, donations towards their honeymoon – and even icecream (Unless you have tasted the icecream in Italy you really wouldnt understand – I have and know EXACTLY where they are coming from!).
Guests had the choice to buy gifts in their own country and bring them with them, or simply send a cheque. Some guests even shopped while in Italy and really enjoyed being able to buy authentic gifts. Charlotte and Dave commented that the e-weddinglist service was well received by guests on its ease of use and its flexibility.
Charlotte and Dave also wrote they loved how easy it made things – print out cards, countdown
inventory of gifts and print off list of who had bought what.
Their testimony is included below – it is so good to hear how bride and grooms have used e-weddinglist and even better when it has been a success and helped with their planning. Thanks to Charlotte and Dave for taking the time to contact us with feedback and the team at e-weddinglist and I wish them every happiness for the future.

“We loved how flexible and user-friendly e-weddinglist was. Even guests who weren’t happy actually buying items online found the process of registering and ‘promising’ to buy a gift straightforward. It also made it easy for our guests abroad to shop around for the items they’d promised to buy, rather than be tied to a specific UK store. All in all, we’d highly recommend using e-weddinglist if your’re looking for a truly flexible gift list.”

Charlotte and Dave Eglington

Eco Friendly Wedding Gift Lists

March 2nd, 2010

We are encouraged more and more to be eco friendly and to take care of our environment, whether it is paying to off set our carbon emissions or the question of the necessity to print emails. When planning a wedding, being eco friendly not only considers the environment but could help you save money too.

Making use of technology is invaluable when planning your wedding, whether creating an on line guest list, so you can keep track of invitation acceptances, or making use of an online wedding gift list. Online listing allows access worldwide, giving rise to the paperless environment we are encouraged to adopt more and more.

E-weddinglist.co.uk, is a flexible wedding gift list. It is not linked to a specific store, giving your guests the flexibility to shop around for the best deal. Guests simply mark the gift online ‘promising’ to buy it, they purchase it from wherever they choose. This gives the security that the only people that you are relying on are your guests to carry out their ‘promise’, rather than be reliant on companies who ‘do the shopping for you’.

Using an Online wedding gift list is invaluable when planning a wedding whether it is at home or abroad. Many couples have extended families and friends that can stretch all over the world, a nightmare pre internet, with communicating wedding plans, gift lists and invitations. Online gift lists can be accessed by your Aunty in America and well as your best friend in the next village. No duplicate gifts, difficult to spend vouchers and an independant wedding gift listing service means that you are free to list anything you choose (as long as it isnt unlawful!!). From an eco friendly angle, its paperless as no one has to print out the list and if you are a clever internet shopper, it could be delivered to your home, free of charge by courier – so only one van zipping round.
If you are really concerned about the environment, this could be taken a step further, by emailing your invitations, giving a link to the website for the wedding venue and your wedding gift list – of course! Again the gift list could also include eco friendly gifts or a link from your gift list to your favourite eco store.

E-weddinglist.co.uk is flexible for you to have a traditional list of your wedding gift wishes and/or link to a store gift list if you want to take advantage of any special promotions they may be offering. Should you decide to have donations made to your favourite charity, as part of your wedding list, you could provide a link to their website, so your guests can mark it as promised to buy, then link through and make their donation.
Using online tools also means that at such a busy time pre wedding, you can access your wedding list anywhere and at anytime of the day. Making the preparations easier for the happiest day of your life can only be a good thing.


Wedding Gift Dualit Toaster News

November 24th, 2009
Dualit 2 Slice Vario Toaster

Dualit 2 Slice Vario Toaster

In between preparing for Christmas, our team still find time to seek out fantastic deals for our soon to be Bride and Grooms, and their wedding party guests!

www.pots-and-pans.co.uk, are an online household and cookware store, featuring all the well known makes and ranges. They are definately worth a look at when preparing your wedding gift list, and if you use e-weddinglist.co.uk for your wedding list, then you can link to their website too!

They currently have Dualit toasters with 20% off across the range, giving a potential saving of £28 on a two slice vario polished toaster, up to a whopping £37 off the three slice version Click here to view the link page!

Its great to see savings still on offer so close to Christmas, an absolute bonus for those having a winter wedding.

Good luck with all your preparations.