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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

The key when compiling your wedding gift list? Research, research, research….

January 14th, 2012

I am constantly tempted by bargain prices on the things that I use every day; be it washing powder or that cheap brand of cereal, in these tricky financial times, going for the cheapest option seems like a wise move. Sometimes this pays off, but as my mum has always chimed-in: ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’.

When it comes to choosing items for a gift list for your wedding or civil partnership, you don’t want to take any risks!

Carefully researching the items you want to add through cross referencing brands and product reviews is the best way to ensure you don’t end up with gifts that doesn’t match up to your needs and expectations – after all, you’d want to be this diligent when spending you own cash!

The point of a wedding list is to acquire good quality kit that will see you through your life together, and the last thing you want is a crappy toaster that incinerates everything, never works properly and serves as a regular bad reminder of an otherwise perfect day.

So put some time into your wedding gift list and research thoroughly to ensure that your guests’ money is truly well spent – and you get great pressies that will last for years to come!



Wedding gifts that keep on giving

December 30th, 2011

Conventionally, wedding lists are all about amassing the things that you haven’t yet been able to afford  yourselves, like that fancy espresso machine or a set of crystal champage flutes, but why not think outside of the box and ask for gifts that can really enrich your lives long after the big day is over?

Through e-weddinglist you can request a range of gifts from any retailer, and allow your guests to contribute to your lives in a way that is really useful – as opposed to stuff which ends up gathering dust!

Language Courses:
If you share a passion for travel or have fallen for a particular country, then consider asking for contributions towards the cost of a short night course. And don’t forget, learning a new language together gives you the great excuse to pack a suitcase and head away for your first anniversary. Ideal!

Fruits of love:
There is nothing more delightful- or nutritious- than harvesting your own fruit for the table. Guests can afford you this privilege by ‘promising’ to buy fruit trees for your very own orchard-garden. This site has lots of fruity gifts that they can buy online, beautifully gift wrapped and have delivered to your door:

Gym membership:
If you want to keep the trim, gorgeous figures that you honed for your big day, then get guests to pledge toward a gym  membership, two mountain bikes or a even pair of tennis rackets. Mot gym chains offer dual memberships, so add one to your e-weddinglist to stay fit and fabulous for the coming year.

Book vouchers:
Was it a shared passion for literature that brought you together? Or maybe your fiest date was at a gig or watching a classic film?….Whatever kind of library you want to build, add amazon ‘gift certificates’ to your wedding list as a fun way to  keep the love alive!

So think beyond the usual wedding gifts by creating a flexible e-wedding list with items that will make a lasting contribution to yiur new life together.


Fantastic festive deals for your wedding gift list

November 30th, 2011

Whilst labouring through my Christmas shopping online, I noticed some amazing sales on furniture and home ware. If you are currently writing a gift list for your forthcoming wedding or civil partnership and could use some new clobber for your home, it is well worth considering sale items.

Image courtesy of John Lewis

Image courtesy of John Lewis

www.e-weddinglist.co.uk gives you this option, so you can add literally anything to your gift list, including stuff that’s in online sales; just add the item, post a link for guests to follow and they can purchase online – simple! You can  check regualarly to see if the item is still on sale, and if not, remove it and replace with another desired item. And for even greater flexibility, guests are also free to ‘promise’ to buy a listed item, and go to any retailer they choose to – shopping around for the best deal. And let’s face it, everyone welcomes a bargain in the gloom of recession.

Here are a few retailers that have thrown up some surprises, with a number of stylish, affordable pieces of furniture and home ware included in current online sales…

•    This French inspired dining table oozes chic and is currently on sale at £229.00, reduced from £579. Thanks BHS!

•    With 30% off lighting at Laura Ashley Home, you are sure to find a something gorgeous and affordable to add to your gift list.

•    Whether you have co-habited for years or are about to live together for the first time, everyone loves posh bed sheets. Check out the online deals on bed linen at House of Fraser…

•    John Lewis are running special price offers on their premium 100% cotton towels in stylish ‘storm grey’ – perfect to smarten up your bathroom.

So what are you waiting for?



Calling devotees of all things vintage…

October 24th, 2011

Vintage style has seen somewhat of a revival these past few seasons with it dominating fashion and interior design, so it is no surprise that it also be the latest trend for weddings.

There is something wonderfully romantic (and very English) about a vintage themed wedding: jam jars full of roses and wildflowers, gorgeous crockery, fairy lights, lace table runners and candles……a visual feast to remember! And as more and more couples follow the old-school trend with their weddings and civil ceremonies, the industry has seen a huge boom in interest.

If all this floats your boat, don’t miss the ‘Discover Vintage’ Wedding Fair in London next month www.vintageweddingfair. With suppliers that offer everything from hand-crafted wedding stationary to retro-inspired wedding planning services, it is a must for anyone looking to take this route.

You could even add a few things to an e-weddinglist, which would enable your guests to ‘promise’ to contribute towards, say, the cake-stand hire or those perfect pill-box hats for your bridesmaids. A great way to ease the pinch!

So be sure head to Chiswick Town Hall on Sunday 13th November, from 11am-4pm at just £5 on the door, to meet the best vintage suppliers the country has to offer – a great opportunity to source ideas that will make your big day the perfect affair.

See you there!



Tasty autumn offers on Le Creuset cookware….

October 17th, 2011

After a brief Indian summer, autumn has well and truly arrived, and with copper leaves blowing about and a chill in the air, it makes me yearn for good old fashioned comfort food.

Good news then, for those looking for inspiration for online wedding list gifts…Le Creuset cookware is reduced in price! Traders have obviously anticipated that our thoughts are turning from salads to stew and dumplings.

This French maker produces exceptionally high quality ovenware, pans and other bits and bobs that make great, investment pieces for your wedding list (my Mum was given some Le Creuset pans as wedding gift over 30 years ago and they are still going strong!).

The beauty of using www.e-weddinglist.co.uk is that it allows you to make the most of great sale and offer prices – simply check that the sale will continue for a reasonable time, add the item to your e-weddinglist asking guests to ‘promise to buy’, they can then click the link and buy at incredible prices. Not only do you get kit of amazing quality that will last a lifetime, but your guests don’t have to pay through the nose – everyone’s a winner!

You just have to decide who does the cooking………………………..

  • John Lewis are in on the act, with 20% off parts of their Le Creuset range:


  • And here at www.ecookshop.co.uk you can pick up Le Creuset starter sets for a snip of their usual price:


Happy listing!