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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

Love food? Then indulge this passion through your wedding list!

December 24th, 2012

Image courtesy of Harvey Nichols

For me, the food of love is, well – food! And a passion for all things gastronomic seems to be catching, with every channel dominated by food programmes, everyone you meet claims to be a keen chef.

If you too are into cooking and eating, why not pepper your online wedding gift list with foodie items? It may be traditional to add new pots, pans and wine glasses, but with an e-weddinglist, you can also ask for the goodies to go in them!

You ask your guests to ‘promise’ to buy and they can then click your links to purchase directly online, or shop around for the item and buy in their own time. The e-weddinglist opens up a whole world of possibilities and offers both you – and your guests – ultimate flexibility and ease when it comes to tackling your wedding list.

Here are some great epicurean delights that would please any food addict:

Cooks’ Hamper
As any foodie will tell you, a well-stocked store cupboard is essential. To make sure you have all the ingredients necessary to whip up gorgeous dishes, these luxury food and drink hampers are a great idea to add to your wedding list. Just make sure you share!

Wild Boar Charcuterie
If you have ever visited Italy, you will know the deliciousness of Wild Boar. This Cotswold farm rears the animals in a completely natural state, to produce excellent salami and cured meats – with a long shelf life – along with fresh cuts such as loin and haunch. It is also low in fat and highly nutritious, so perfect to cooking for the one you love!

Riverford Organic Box
This fantastic Devon based company work with organic farmers across the UK, to deliver top-notch organic fruit, vegetables and meat to your door. Ask guests to for a contribution towards the cost of this (whatever they can afford) as a great way for guests to boost your food-loving lifestyle.     http://www.riverford.co.uk/

Wine tasting
What better day-out for a foodie couple than a trip to a vineyard? The highly acclaimed Kentish winemaker, Chapel down, offers gift experiences that include a 3 course lunch, guided tour of the vineyard and tasting session, from just £50 per person. Add to your wedding gift list for a lovely, quintessentially English day to remember.

Fresh herb collection
Using freshly picked herbs transforms dishes, so why not ask guests to make contributions towards your own herb garden? They could pledge money or buy online; this organic herb farm sells a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs that are be invaluable to all cookery enthusiasts.



Get tooled-up for life with your online wedding list

October 25th, 2012

Thanks to the influx of TV programmes about interior design and building you own homes, we have a thorough national obsession with DIY.  Anyone that is planning a wedding or civil ceremony will no doubt refurbish their current dwelling at some point or take on the massive challenge of moving and embarking on the project of doing-up a new home.

It’s all part of nesting! And with builders’ services so expensive, more and more of us are turning into DIY freaks. So when it comes to long term investments, a good set of tools might be the perfect thing to add to your wedding list: www.tooled-up.com

www.e-weddinglist.co.uk gives you complete freedom as to what you can list; you can add any item that you like, asking your guests to ‘pledge’ to buy the item. This way they can shop around for the best deal or follow a link direct to an online store, to buy the present quickly and easily.

Why stop there…..if extra furniture for house or garden would come in handy, you could also add the odd space saving item to your list. Our e-weddinglist users frequently add furniture and accesories from retailers ranging from Ikea to Heals – because we afford such flexibility, any piece, from any store is within reach.



Surprise wedding anyone? Not for me, thanks.

March 12th, 2012

A plucky bride in Blenheim, New Zealand, decided to surprise her boyfriend with an impromptu wedding ceremony this October. After said boyfriend had been asking her to wed him every day for an entire year, Cherie Butler decided to take matters into her own hands.

Unsuspecting groom, David Shoemark, was packed off on a fishing trip whilst Cherie made ready and on his return, she arranged to meet him in a local park wearing full wedding gown and surrounded by a wedding party of 40 close family and friends – the ultimate romantic surprise!

For less brave folks (and control freaks like myself), mutual planning and organisation are the order of the day when it comes to weddings and civil services, particularly your wedding gift lists, and I for one would welcome no surprises here!

The wedding list is a vital opportunity to get kitted out for your future life together or replace worn out home ware, so it needs careful planning from you and your partner. www.e-weddinglist.co.uk provides a simple online wedding list service, where you can list literally anything; your guests then ‘promise’ to buy or make contributions and can either follow links to purchase directly, or buy in their own time and present their offerings to you on the big day. It offers great flexibility and a simple way to organise your list – it may remove the element of surprise – but hey, who wants to risk receiving 30 toasters?

So if you want to take the stress, hassle and surprise out of your wedding gifts, use an online service like www.e-weddinglist.co.uk

Happy listing!



Bridal Magazine Supplier Awards

March 5th, 2012

Whoop! We have been shortlisted in The Bridal Magazine supplier awards wedding gift list category. We one of just five gift list suppliers shortlisted for the award and are up against the big boys in the industry such as John Lewis & Debenhams.

If you would like to vote for us, you can find out more at http://www.thebridalmag.co.uk/awardsshortlist.aspx

Think outside the box when it comes to your wedding gift list…..

January 21st, 2012

If you are planning a wedding or civil partnership gift list and are looking for good quality, useful items that will see you through the years together, why not think of items that you will use time and time again in your daily lives or give you a much needed lift, beyond the typical realms of kitchen and home ware?

With e-weddinglist.co.uk, you can list literally anything from anywhere, and create a wedding gift list full of essential kit that indulges the passions you share in your daily lives. Here a few ideas away from the norm.

All hail the Wine Club! Staying in is the new going out, and if you and your partner like cosy nights by the fire with a bottle of plonk, wine clubs can give really good value. www.nakedwines.com invests in small, independent wine makers in exchange for preferential prices, which means you get fantastic wines for ridiculously good prices. They even give you cash back to get money off your next order, a great reason to keep that wine rack fully stocked!

The classic Hunter Welly. For outdoorsy types that enjoy country walks, doing the gardening together or wading through mud at music festivals, a couple of pairs of Hunter Wellies are a godsend. These iconic British Classics will see you through years, and remind you of your big day every time you pull them on!

Spa Break for two
. We all get a little fed-up with the daily grind, so why not add a spa break to your e-weddinglist? Guests can choose to contribute as much or as little as they can afford, so that you and your beloved can get some much needed rest and relaxation when the daily grind becomes too much! The beautiful Malvern Spa has excellent deals and the treatments are divine.

Home fitness equipment. They say that exercise is the key to health and happiness and if you like keeping fit, using a rowing machine is the ideal way to exercise at home. It helps to melt fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, relive stress and is low impact on your joints. Perfect for keeping both of you trim and happy! Simply add to your e-weddinglist, allowing guests to contribute to this super healthy gift. http://www.gymworld.co.uk/york-fitness-nexus-rowing-machine.html

Choose wisely…