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New Year Resolutions

January 2nd, 2015

It is the time of year for lots of new resolutions; this year my resolution is to get back in to writing this blog! To write up stories on the latest in gift list ideas and fashions.

For now though, I would like to welcome on our Brides and Grooms who have registered over the Christmas and New Year period – I hope you enjoy preparing your gift lists and searching for ideas to include.

best wishes,


Wedding list ideas for aspiring jet setters….

February 11th, 2013

Do you spend your coffee breaks day dreaming about jumping on a plane and heading to some far flung place with your beloved? If so, you should grasp every opportunity to turn these day dreams into reality…
With travel becoming increasingly affordable nowadays, most couples seize every bit of holiday time or weekends they can by packing up and getting away from it all on some cheap flights. If regular jet-setting is for you, then adding travel related items to your online wedding list is a great way of helping spread the cost of your travel bug.

After all, the purpose of a wedding gift is to be a useful or enriching reminder of your big day and the love and generosity of your friends and family, and what could be more enriching and memorable than a weekend city break to clear the mind?
With an e-weddinglist you can add anything! So contributions towards a special day trip or mini-break or even leather passport holders could be added – the world is your oyster!

Here are some great ideas for your wedding list that will help you to indulge your wanderlust and won’t break the bank.

Spending money
Why not ask for contributions towards an anniversary break or future summer holiday? Most guests will be more than happy to oblige, but for those in your party that prefer to buy more traditional gifts, the beauty of an e-weddinglist is that you can also add some of the more typical gifts too, striking the perfect balance for all!

Few of us have decent suitcases; my shabby old holdall, for example, is an embarrassment when staying anywhere more upmarket than a hostel). So add some good quality, robust luggage to your list and you will be set-up for a lifetime of trips.

Luxe city guides
These excellent little guides will give you great insight into your chosen city destination, from where to get the best cocktails or late night street food in town, to museums and galleries for the culture vultures amongst us. The Grand Tour box set of eight city guides is available for £45. Individual guides £4. www.luxecityguides.com

Tock-Tock iphone Alarm Clock & Dock
Handy for travelling types, this virtually indestructible dock will wake you up for that super early flight and allow you to listen to your favourite tunes when you have that first glass of wine in your hotel room. Essential!



Add some ‘Pukka’ stuff to your online wedding list…..

January 29th, 2013

Image courtesy of www.jamieoliver.com

Now I know that Jamie Oliver is literally everywhere – on Sainsbury’s ads, his cookery shows and in every book shop window in the run up to Christmas – but if you like his cooking (who doesn’t?) you will love his home range.

The Jme Shop at http://www.jamieoliver.com/jme/ contains all manner of delights; from beautiful retro inspired table, serve and glassware, quirky kitchen storage jars and delicious condiments to plant a garden ‘vouchers’ and even wood fired ovens for the garden. But the most pleasing aspect of this site is how reasonably priced most items are, so if you are looking for stylish, well made kitchen and lifestyle items to add to your online wedding list, Jamie’s online shop is a great place to look.

Highlight include the beautiful terracotta range, which is hard wearing oven to table kit perfect for any home, not to mention the great Mezzaluna board and blade for chopping herbs. There are lovely bobble-edged table linens to choose from and the fine quality stainless steel ‘Baloo’ cutlery is a personal favourite – inspired by cutlery found at French flea markets, it is robust and classic.

You can’t knock old Jamie for giving people what they want, so have a browse of the Jme shop where you are sure to find some cracking, affordable, good quality items that would grace your e-weddinglist a treat. Simply post a link to your chosen gift and guests can to buy online and have the item delivered to you direct, alternatively, guests can get an item delivered to their homes to wrap and give to you, in person.

Everyone’s a winner!



Are you old fashioned or forward thinking when it comes to wedding gifts?

January 22nd, 2013

There are different ways of looking at the wedding present conundrum; traditionalists prefer to put lots of thought into the wedding gift they buy – and equal effort into how beautifully they wrap and present it to their hosts; the modern school of thought, on the other hand, champions the notion of giving couples cash to put towards something they need, such as their honeymoon or a longed-for new cooker. In light of this, at www.e-weddinglist.co.uk we like to cater for both camps!

Our online wedding gift lists are designed to give both couples and their guests true flexibility when it comes how they choose and buy a gift. You can simply ask guests to pledge a contribution towards that dream honeymoon, or the brand new dinner set you have always hankered after – with your guests able to simply click, purchase directly online and have said crockery delivered direct to your home, as simple, realistic and time saving solution. But for those that see this as a little impersonal, guests also have the option to ‘promise’ to buy an item, shop around for it on the high street at their leisure and carefully gift wrap and present it to the happy couple, more in line with tradition.

More importantly, you can list literally anything that you fancy; from contributions to a romanitc date at the cinema to John Lewis napkins, and you can add a range of items to accommodate budgets large and small. So whatever your thoughts on the gift of giving, an online wedding list is clearly the smart choice for all.



No gift is too big or small for www.e-weddinglist.co.uk

January 7th, 2013

With tough financial times upon us, pretty much everyone I know is feeling the pinch. Having chatted with

Image courtesy of Smeg.

Image courtesy of Smeg.

some married friends recently, their biggest regret when compiling their wedding list was that they couldn’t ask for help towards a new fridge! Although trinkets, beautiful linens and crystal glassware are all wonderful, generous presents, often many couples would benefit far more from having guests club together to help buy those really necessary, expensive large items – every little helps!

This is where you need a realistic, flexible resource like www.e-weddinglist.co.uk, which allows you the freedom to add any items for guests to promise to buy. You would ask guests to ‘pledge’ an amount, helping you to raise the funds for big, useful stuff like that new fridge or sofa, whilst still being able to add smaller, less expensive items and some little luxuries into the mix.

And there is no need to stick to traditional homely items, as an e-weddinglist gives you the option to ask your guests for contributions towards anything, from your honeymoon to a nice meal at your favourite local restaurant or even something fun, like pledges towards ice-creams for you and your sweetheart at each destination you visit on honeymoon, there are no limits…..

This way, you get what you really want and need out of your wedding gift list and there are options that suit every guests budget. A happy outcome all round!