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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

How to make your wedding gift list more personal

If you would like to make your wedding gift list come across more personal I’d recommend writing in a friendly manner and, wherever possible, to give extra information or funny comments about why you would like to receive the gift.
With the e-weddinglist you have a description box for each item you list which you can use to give more information about the gift, where it could be brought from and perhaps how they can get it to you.
Listing items that are unique and reflective of your personalities will help make your wedding list feel more personal, seeking out items which aren’t mainstream or that suit your lifestyle choices.
When I buy a gift for a friends wedding I always look something which I feel will mean a lot to them, something which to me matches who they are – have to admit buying non-descript boring items is never as much fun!
The e-weddinglist provides you with an area where you can write a welcome message to your wedding guests; this gives you an area to say Hello and to write a personal message from you both regarding your gift list.
What tips and ideas do you have? We’d love to hear from you – join in the discussion on Facebook or email Penny at penny@e-weddinglist.co.uk

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