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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

Wedding gift ideas from another angle.

Your wedding gift list. Where do you start? Having read through some blogs from recently marrieds, one message shouts through – everyone says you should always have a gift. It will avoid the 4 toaster scenario, as this surprisingly still happens. Unfortunately, unless you have recently married yourself, many wedding guests would not regularly read through wedding blogs or read a wedding magazine, for wedding gift ideas, so its down to you to sew the seed!


Previously we have written about how to write your wedding gift list, looking at it methodically and going through the house room by room. You still then have to think what you would like or need for each room. How about looking from another angle and list by type of present?


Everyone is different. Some guests will take pleasure in buying a quirky wedding gift, whereas others prefer to get something practical. Overall your friends and family want to get you a wedding gift that you will use and hopefully each time you do, it will remind you of them.


Practical gifts – items that you use regularly and may not be particularly pretty to look at, but necessary all the same. Items such as a potato peeler to a mop and bucket, or even more topically at the moment, a snow shovel!


Something to remember your special day – guests could choose photo frames, to keepsake boxes, for an ‘off the shelf’ gift.


One lucky couple received a water colour of the place where they met. This could be a perfect and wonderfully personal gift idea if you have a budding photographer in the family.


Another gift idea was commissioned jewellery. A jewellery workshop would be happy to help design pieces – and you can choose which precious metal for your design and can be made to suit your budget (it can be surprisingly inexpensive if you use silver). Complimenting cufflinks for the groom and necklace for the bride perhaps the-quarter.com.


Quirky wedding gifts - how about a ‘fake’ glossy magazine cover or newspaper detailing your wedding day – without the hassle of the paparazzi! These can be framed, a fun way to remember your special day. The magazine covers are down loadable so it would require good glossy paper and lots of ink for it to look authentic! fakemagazines.com, or inthepaper.co.uk are two examples.


Something for later - this is not what it sounds like! How about vintage wine to be laid down until your 25th wedding anniversary. Don’t panic, you havent got to own a house with a cellar to store it in, the packages usually include storage.


The beauty of listing this way is that each gift will be very individual and a wonderful surprise to receive. These ideas could be used alongside the traditional wedding gift items, creating a good mix of gift ideas. Ideas like these can be used if you choose e-weddinglist.co.uk either by listing them as specific items or on your welcome page if you want to keep your list informal.


Good luck and happy listing


Libby x

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