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Continental Wedding News

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I have recently received feedback from a couple who used our wedding gift list last autumn. I want to share it with you, because of the innovitive way they used the internet, email and e-weddinglist. They live in the UK, but they share a love and passion for Italy and following a holiday there a couple of years ago, it inspired them to get married there.

Continental Wedding News

Charlotte and Dave’s extended family stretched from UK and Ireland to as far reaching as Australia. They had a large wedding party share their day in Italy, so coordinating the whole affair was quite an achievement! They used e-invitations for friends and family abroad and linked to e-weddinglist.
They commented on the flexibility of the list, enabling them to list traditional gifts alongside requests for cash donations towards larger projects, but also gift wishes such as a day trip to Capri, donations towards their honeymoon – and even icecream (Unless you have tasted the icecream in Italy you really wouldnt understand – I have and know EXACTLY where they are coming from!).
Guests had the choice to buy gifts in their own country and bring them with them, or simply send a cheque. Some guests even shopped while in Italy and really enjoyed being able to buy authentic gifts. Charlotte and Dave commented that the e-weddinglist service was well received by guests on its ease of use and its flexibility.
Charlotte and Dave also wrote they loved how easy it made things – print out cards, countdown
inventory of gifts and print off list of who had bought what.
Their testimony is included below – it is so good to hear how bride and grooms have used e-weddinglist and even better when it has been a success and helped with their planning. Thanks to Charlotte and Dave for taking the time to contact us with feedback and the team at e-weddinglist and I wish them every happiness for the future.

“We loved how flexible and user-friendly e-weddinglist was. Even guests who weren’t happy actually buying items online found the process of registering and ‘promising’ to buy a gift straightforward. It also made it easy for our guests abroad to shop around for the items they’d promised to buy, rather than be tied to a specific UK store. All in all, we’d highly recommend using e-weddinglist if your’re looking for a truly flexible gift list.”

Charlotte and Dave Eglington

Wedding Gift List Thoughts

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Hi – is been a few months since I last wrote, but I am still here!! Its been a year of weddings both near and far, but all with the same result a very happy and a couple much in love celebrating their love for each other.

Its been a hard year for businesses and unsettling for those who are employed. With the failure of WrapIt just over 12 months ago, leaving many bride and grooms unsure if they would ever receive their wedding gifts, it is all the more important to ensure you use a reliable company for your wedding gift list. The old saying ‘dont put all your eggs in one basket’ couldnt be more true in such cases!

E-weddinglist.co.uk offer a traditional gift listing service. An easy to access site, where you create a list of wedding gift you would like to receive to make your new house a home. It can be from any store, website or even a donation towards a honeymoon trip, garden makeover or even a new driveway! E-weddinglist are not allied to any stores and do not supply the gifts. Guests access the site and ‘promise’ to buy a gift from the list. Guests then are free to shop wherever they choose, to get the best deal. There are some great deals about at the moment and who honestly cannot say they dont love to find a bargain?

An online wedding gift list also has the benefit of being accessible 24 hours a day and can be updated at any time – whether you work shifts, perhaps can only access it late evening or simply cannot sleep due to the excitment of getting married!

The added benefit of e-weddinglist.co.uk is there are no limits to how many suppliers/stores that you choose to use. It is completely flexible -if you and your h2b have already been together for a number of years, you can use the wedding gift list for guests to contribute towards a major project.

I am looking for great deals at the moment to pass onto you, If you do see any bargains or great ideas that you want to share, or have a question that needs answering, please contact the team here at e-wedding.

Hope all your wedding preparations are going according to plan.

Libby x

New look for E-Weddinglist

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

What do you think to our new look?

We are still the same team and offer the same high level service. We have just updated our website – a little like a pre-wedding spa visit! Don’t panic your registration details have been transferred to the new site, so there’s hasn’t been any interruption to the service.

We have been taking on board the feedback we have received over the past 12 months and introduce some more user friendly features. We hope that you and your guests will find the site easier to navigate around.

Dont forget that if you have any feedback on any articles that we feature or any good ideas you want to share, please email them into us.


Online Discount Codes

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

When compiling your e-wedding list, this would be a useful link to include, as it could well benefit your guests by saving them money!

Have a look at www.discountcodes.co.uk. It is a free website detailing current discounts and offers from a comprehensive list of UK websites and stores.

It is easy to use, with various search options, for example either by category, by selecting stores from A –Z list, or by selecting a particular store to view current offers. It could be described as a one stop website for deals and discounts!

Once you have found the discount voucher most suitable to your needs, note down the voucher code as detailed on the site, and start shopping! To obtain your discount, input the voucher code at the checkout on your chosen website.

Not only does it detail current voucher offers, it also shows special offers stores may have on particular items and more importantly how long the offer is running for.

Include the link on your wedding list, for your guests to take advantage of the offers. They may even choose to upgrade the item to the more expensive model, and still be within their original budget!


Combining the best of tradition and technology

Monday, November 10th, 2008

E-weddinglist.co.uk team member Libby looks back at her wedding and examines how gift lists have evolved over the years. A few unwanted ‘traditional’ gifts were seen as being par for the course but, with a touch of ingenuity, Libby and her hubby-to-be avoided the pitfalls and ensured their guests were able to buy them things they really wanted…

“I’ve been married for 20-something years and things have changed dramatically since my wedding. When discussing my wedding gift list I remember my prospective mother-in-law telling me to start collecting for my bottom drawer, and that in her day everyone would have at least one candlewick bedspread as a wedding gift (what’s one of those? – ask you grandmother).

At the risk of sounding a total dinosaur, computers were in their infancy, so the only option for our wedding list was a piece of paper. We were a little more innovative and used a small receipt book, with a gift idea per page. The book was passed around and our friends and relatives could tear the page out with their gift choice. We were very lucky to end up with an empty book.

Nowadays email has surpassed letter writing and internet shopping is a popular option, so the team at e-weddinglist.co.uk wants to bring back the traditional element of present giving. Unlike many online wedding gift lists that are allied to a particular store or outlet, guests can choose where and how they buy their gift. They can either buy the wedding gift personally from a shop or elect to have the item delivered to their own address, they also get the chance to wrap it themselves and present it to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

But e-weddinglist.co.uk is more than just a wedding gift list service – it’s a real online community. We encourage couples to share their experiences and upload their own ‘do’s and don’ts’ on our blog page. We are also uniquely placed to offer advice as we have insight from two different perspectives – one wedding that took place over 20 years ago and one in summer 2008. In our view, this sums up to whole concept of e-weddinglist.co.uk – a traditional wedding list that reaps the benefits of today’s technology – and no-one has to worry about chasing the receipt book to ensure it gets passed around all the guests!.”


P.S. In case you are still interested, I didn’t ask for a candlewick bedspread, couldn’t stand them myself!