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Advice and ideas to help you with your wedding gift list

An Organised Wedding Gift List!

Putting a wedding gift list together is a daunting task at times, especially if you need everything for your new home together. The secret is to have an organised method. This hopefully will ensure that you don’t forget anything!

List room by room. In your mind, start by the front door and work your way up through the house. Under each room, list the items you require, this should help you remember all the gift ideas for you list., for example:-

Hall way – umbrella stand (then list the store, item reference and price if there is a particular one you would like).

Hall way – consol table – Laura Ashley – Garratt console table £464. http://www.lauraashley.com/Furniture/Occasional-Tables/icat/fuoccasstables

Makes it easier to the eye. Use each room type as a heading. Guests can scan down the list when deciding what to buy you.

If you have a particular colour scheme in mind for each room, you could list this under each room heading. This is particularly useful if you are giving general gift ideas, unless you are happy to have a rainbow of colour in your towel cupboard!

Give clear and informative descriptions – if you are asking for glasses, give a description of your preferred style or manufacturer, i.e. cut glass, plain….

How many – don’t forget to add how many of each item you would like.

Links – if using an online wedding gift list, like ours, make use of links to websites, just like this one http://www.e-weddinglist.co.uk.

Estimate prices – if you are giving ideas and not listing particular items, try and give an estimated price. Useful for guests on a budget.

Sell it to your guests – when describing each gift, particularly if its not the norm or asking for donations towards a more expensive item. Engage your guests and make them feel they are making a real contribution to your new home. It may be a piece of artwork that you want donations towards, if it has special meaning to you, tell your guests!

Now you have some pointers how to organise your wedding gift list, you can start adding all those lovely items that you have been window shopping for!!

Happy Listing!



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